Storage Tips

Couple taping the top of a cardboard box.

Storing and Packing Tips For a Hassle-Free Experience

Packing your storage may feel like a draining chore, but Stor All Storage is here to help with tips and tricks to make the process easier!  From packing supplies including: tape and boxes available on-site, you have a one-stop shop for all of your storage needs.  Contact our team today or visit a facility near you to get started!

Packing Boxes

A box packing pro tip is to pack the same amount in each box – don’t overfill or underfill a box to avoid boxes bulging or collapsing. For heavier items such as tools or books, pack them in smaller boxes for easier handling. It is also a good idea to label all of your boxes so you are aware of what’s inside without having to open each box. This way, you can place items you’ll need to access frequently up front.


When storing furniture, you can save space by removing legs and tabletops and placing them out of the main walkway. Avoid placing items, especially furniture directly on the concrete floor. Instead, use pallets, a corrugated cardboard mat, or a plastic sheet to place furniture on. 

Keeping your storage items off the floor and away from the walls helps prevent moisture absorption and allows air circulation. For extra protection, wrap table or chair legs in paper, and then place a cover over your furniture.

Photographs and Documents

For family photographs and documents that you want to preserve, it helps to store them in a climate-controlled storage unit. Keeping special items such as photographs out of inclement weather will help prevent damage and normal wear and tear. 

For example, photos tend to bend naturally over time, but you can help keep them flat by placing them in between two pieces of cardboard and in a climate-controlled environment.

Appliances and Equipment

Before storing appliances such as lawnmowers, refrigerators, or freezers, it is essential to clean them out beforehand. For lawnmowers and other motor equipment, ensure that oil and gas is drained out. Keeping your appliances clean and dry helps prevent damage caused by water or rust. When transporting appliances, secure any movable parts with paper or a wedge. However, when storing appliances, ensure they are wedged open to allow air circulation.

Metal and Glassware

When storing metal, a best practice is to wipe down surfaces with a few drops of machine oil to prevent rust. For storing glassware items such as dishes, use lots of packing paper and bubble wrap to avoid any damage. The best way to pack dishware is to individually wrap dishes with packing paper and bubble wrap. 

For extra padding, place layers of paper or bubble wrap at the top and bottom of the box. For fragile items, it’s always a good idea to label on the box and to not place other items on top of them.

Keep Your Items Protected

Overall, it’s best to ensure your items are clean and secure while storing them away. Keeping your storage items off the floor and away from walls will help air circulation and prevent moisture. For sensitive items, climate-controlled storage units can help preserve them and avoid risks caused by the elements. Find your storage unit today with Stor All!