How To Maximize Space in Your New Home

Stack of moving boxes.

Moving into a new home is exciting, but can be overwhelming at first. Staying organized can help make the unpacking process easier. When moving into your new home, set a plan to efficiently set up your new place and stow away your belongings. Decluttering your space can help you stay organized and allow room to enjoy your space. You’d be surprised how many furniture items can double as storage.

Disguise Storage as Furniture in Your Living Room

Living rooms typically have the heaviest traffic in a home. Whether you’re entertaining or spending time with the family, you’re probably spending a majority of time in your living room. 

Excess of belongings can cause the space to feel cramped. Keeping items stored away and organized can free up space in your home. Furniture such as ottomans, benches, bookshelves, and coffee tables can provide a source of functionality and design.

Utilize Furniture with Storage

Many furniture pieces serve dual purpose, for decoration and storage. Many ottomans and benches are hollow, allowing you to store a variety of items inside. Easily store books, magazines, or electronics inside your ottoman while you’re not using them and pull them out when you’re ready. End tables and entryway tables can also hold books or pens that you don’t want laying out. Not only does furniture with built-in storage allow you to organize, but still allows you to personalize your space. 

Entertainment Centers 

Entertainment centers are also great for storing entertainment items in addition to displaying a T.V.  Many entertainment centers have drawers and doors that can easily hide cords, controllers, and remotes. Plus, the shelves inside entertainment centers can be used for decor such as pictures, books, board games, or plants. 

Coffee Tables 

Coffee tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. While you might not purchase a coffee table with storage in mind, coffee tables are great for storing books, magazines, remotes, electronics, and more. There are coffee tables that have drawers, shelves, and inside compartments. There are even coffee tables that can extend and have adjustable shelves to also be used as a desk.

Convertible Desks

As more people continue to work from home, the need for functional work spaces are essential. With convertible desks, you can easily move or fold up your desk when you’re not using it to keep it out of the way. This way, you don’t need to have a dedicated work space or office when you might not have room for that in your home. Plus, whether you choose to stand while working, sit on the couch, or in a spare room, you have the flexibility to do so.

Use a Bookshelf For More Than Just Books

Believe it or not, bookshelves can be multi-functional too. Bookshelves and ladder shelves add a nice touch to your living room or bedroom, but can also be used to store books, candles, pictures, plants, and more. Whether you have a collection of books or keepsakes you’d like to display or simply need additional storage space, a bookshelf is a great solution. Additionally, you can add storage bins or organizers for smaller items that you might not want on display.

Cube storage shelves come in a broad range of shapes and sizes, and they’re fully customizable to suit your style. You can fill in the cube spaces with plastic, wooden, or collapsible fabric bins. These bins come in plenty of colors and patterns, so no matter how niche your bedroom’s theme may be, there’s bound to be an option to complement your look exactly how you want.

Double Your Kitchen Space

With just a simple cabinet organizer, the functional space in your kitchen cabinets can be doubled. Many cabinets are designed with a shelf or two inside, but cabinet organizers such as spice racks, additional shelves, and storage containers can expand your storage space. 

Part of the fun of cooking is in exploring new recipes, but when you do, you’ll accumulate more ingredients and spices than you ever thought possible. Hanging organizers inside your pantry door or on the wall can create additional shelves to be able to easily fit all of your spices and food.

Free Up Space in Your New Home with Stor All

While there are plenty of organization tips and tricks to maximize space in your home, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Whether you have seasonal decor, spare furniture, or documentation that you need additional space for, Stor All can help. We offer a wide selection of storage unit sizes from 5’ x 5 to 10’ x 30’ to accommodate your storage needs. Find your storage unit with Stor All today! 

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