Tips for Storing Your Boat This Winter

A row of boats sit in storage covered in snow

Many states in the U.S. are prone to freezing temperatures during the winter, meaning it’s crucial to prepare your boat for winter storage. Forgetting one little step to preparing your boat for the winter will ruin family fun for future summers and put a dent in your wallet. With these tips, help from Stor All, and our boat storage, you can ensure your boat remains safe and in quality condition for future summers.

Cleaning Your Boat

First things first: Deep clean the interior and exterior of your boat. A clean boat weathers winter months much better than a dirty, moisture-filled boat. When you clean your boat, not only will it be in top-tier condition, but it’ll also allow you to find any problems or wear and tear in your boat that needs repairs. Pressure washing the engine, hull, and running gear while washing the topsides and lower deck with soap and water will eliminate rust, scum, or buildup boats acquired over the summer.

Once you’ve finished the exterior, it’s time to move to the interior of your boat. Before you start cleaning, you should rid the inside of any unnecessary items or trash that attract unwanted creatures or an unwanted mess. Soap and water will do the trick throughout the inside of your boat. The key is completely drying the inside and outside to avoid areas where moisture and mold can build up.

Winterizing Your Boat

Winterizing your boat is essential to putting your boat away for the offseason. If you miss these crucial steps while preparing your boat, it could completely ruin your prized possession. Many systems within your boat will require flushing and adding liquids such as fuel, oil, and antifreeze. You’ll want to run antifreeze through your cooling system and flush with warm water to avoid dirt or corrosion. Additionally, top off your fuel, and add a stabilizer to prevent the buildup of condensation. Lastly, change your fuel filter toward the end of the season and once the stabilizer is in your fuel, run the engine for a few minutes to allow circulation throughout the system.

The final key to winterizing your boat is proper battery care. For your battery to survive the winter, it needs proper care and maintenance to maintain a healthy charge. If you live in an area where freezing occurs, it’s best to remove your battery completely and store it somewhere warm or where a constant temperature is maintained. For extra precaution, a portable charger is beneficial to have on hand to help your battery life. If you prefer to leave your battery in your boat, unplug it and test the charge once a month.

Finding the Right Boat Cover

Now that your boat is clean and looking as good as new, it’s time to add that extra layer of protection to ensure quality condition. Most boat owners make the mistake of thinking it doesn’t need a cover if stored inside, but this is not the case. Dust, debris, and dirt will build up and damage your boat. Whether your boat is inside or outside storage, covering your boat is a must. When you purchase a boat you can often get the perfect cover along with it. If you don’t own a cover or don’t want to buy one, using a plastic or canvas tarp can also do the trick.

Preparing Your Boat for Winter With Stor All

Now that you have the ins and outs of winterizing your boat, find the perfect spot for it at a Stor All near you. With a variety of locations in Kentucky and Ohio, we have the space for your vessel. Our covered and uncovered boat storage units personally cater to our customers and ensure the proper care of your boat. Leave room in your garage, and create more driveway space by storing your boat with us during the offseason!

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