Tips for Storing Seasonal Decor

Ornaments and holiday items sitting in a storage box

Decorating for the holidays is a tradition for many and is known to add flair to any part of your home or business. Of course, it can look pretty and festive at the time, but the time has to come to put it away. If you’re looking to declutter after the holiday season, proper holiday decor storage can help keep your space clean, protect your items, and make setting up for future holidays a breeze. From keeping your favorite wreaths looking perfect and protecting your vintage ornaments from breaking, there are many easy ways to store seasonal decor. With these simple tips and help from Stor All, the holidays are simple and easy when you store your seasonal decor in a storage unit.

Declutter Old Holiday Decor

When a holiday comes around, trends change and new decorations are released. This causes a lot of built-up clutter because you keep buying new things on top of what you already have. Decluttering old holiday decor is important when storing items and trying to free up space at home. Before putting them away for the season, you’ll want to throw away or donate any old or unwanted items. That way, you can make room for new and improved decorations and make the decorating process that much easier next year.

Still trying to make the room even after the decoration cleanout? Store all your fragile, festive, and favorite holiday decorations in one of our secure, spacious storage units at Stor All. Allow even more room in your home when you rent your own storage space.

Utilize Clear Storage Bins

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to organize. Utilizing clear storage bins is the perfect way to separate your decor by occasion and identify what’s in each bin. That way, you can quickly grab the one you want and start decorating. Whether stored in your basement or a storage unit, they are easily accessible, and you can pick and choose the storage bins you need at the time.

Properly Label Your Decor

Properly labeling your decorations with the storage bin they’re in is important because you may have multiple items in one bin or may only need a few. Instead of having to dig through multiple bins or dragging out all of them, reading the label is that much easier. For example, you can label the bins by specific holiday or go even further and label specific decorations for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or another holiday. The properly labeled, clear storage bins make for a quick and easy decoration process and keep you organized for the holidays to come.

Store Seasonal Decor at Stor All Today!

Don’t let all those holiday decorations build up in your basement collecting dirt and dust. Grab those clear, labeled storage bins, head to a Stor All near you, and allow us to take them off your hands. Make every holiday season a breeze, and begin your storage journey with Stor All today. Check out our storage tips for more information on the best ways to store more than just your holiday decorations.

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